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Have you heard about primary foods?

Primary food is nourishment that doesn’t appear on your plate





“Secondary foods don’t come close to giving us the joy, meaning, and fulfillment primary food provide”  

-Joshua Rosenthal

These are only a few topics we’ll cover if we decide to work together

  • Sustainable weight loss

The consistent behavior modifications to lose weight and keep it off.

  • Lifestyle suggestions

Suggestions that can lead to a healthier and easier life (eating habits, relationship, meditation, exercise)

  • Healing digestive distress/ Restore the gut

Tips on how to restore your digestive system with delicious healthy foods and drinks.

  • Anti-inflamatory guide

We’ll explore keys anti-inflamatory foods and their benefits

  • Food cravings

How to break free from compulsive eating by underlying the behaviors, foods and deficits.

  • Healthy spending

The basic tools to keep your budget healthy and organize how to spend your money.

Testimony: Yamile Arango

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Are you ready to start?

We’ll previously meet in person or via phone and do a free consultation for your health history, talk about your health goals and your expectations.

  • 3 months program: 6 sessions of 45 minutes

  • 6 months program: 12 sessions of 45 minutes

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